We're live in the Balancing Mechanism

Published by Helle Taylor 26 / 10 / 18

We’re delighted to announce that Flexitricity is now live in the Balancing Mechanism - the most important market in flexible energy. We got off to a great start and have received four Bid Offer Acceptances (BOAs) to date! The new service will officially be launched on 31st October by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands.

Late last year, we announced we were going to unlock the most important market in flexible energy for customer-side flexibility. Once the preserve of the Big Six, this the lucrative Balancing Mechanism market is now open to energy users and small generators through Flexitricity.

This year has been very special for us – in June we celebrated Flexitricity’s tenth operational birthday and surpassed the £20 million mark in cost savings and revenue generated for our customers. The launch of Flexitricity+ is yet another momentous occasion. 

Our changing energy landscape has created a dramatic new opportunity for energy users to earn from their own flexible capabilities. An opportunity that carries with it huge economic and environmental benefits – including business growth, added revenue for the NHS, support for community energy projects and district heating schemes, as well as making the grid more able to support increased renewable energy generation. Flexitricity+ was devised to take the flexibility of industrial, commercial and public-sector energy users right into the heart of electricity balancing system so they can fully benefit from these emerging opportunities. 

If you'd like more information, give us a call on 0131 221 8100 or email info@flexitricity.com  - we'd be delighted to speak to you.

Helle Taylor

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