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Industrial and commercial businesses, investors and developers, utility companies and the public sector all earn revenue through Flexitricity.

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We’re on a mission to create a greener and fairer energy system.

1st demand response aggregator in Great Britain

800MW+ contracted virtual power plant of fully flexible assets

£20m+ revenue earned for customers (our Energy Partners)

96%+ of customers say our team is ‘very responsive’

Why Participate?

Our changing energy landscape continues to create dramatic new opportunities for energy users and those with generation assets to earn from their own flexibility.


Combat rising energy costs and earn revenue

By occasionally altering your electricity generation and/or consumption profile, in response to National Grid’s requirements, you're able to save money and earn additional revenue.


Play a role in creating a greener energy system

As our energy system decarbonises, National Grid will need more flexibility on the system to help balance varying renewable generation.

Stand Out

Stand out

We’ve seen a huge growth in awareness of demand side flexibility over the last few years, driven by growth in renewables, market changes and the climate emergency. Now, we need to work together to keep the momentum.

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Our team is with you every step of the way

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Our team works hand in hand with you during engineering, commissioning and testing through to go-live. We also conduct an on site technical appraisal if required.

How we work
How we work
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Operation & Optimisation

We discuss and agree with you the best operational strategy for your site. Our operations team and trading desk monitor your site and the energy markets 24/7 and adjust the strategy as needed to maximise revenue for your assets.

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We help you keep up to date with the latest market developments and ensure you’re aware of any new opportunities.

How we work

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