Landfill Gas

Our Landfill Gas portfolio is a collection of 25 sites across Scotland, England and Wales providing renewable base load generation to the grid. It was acquired as an operational asset in September 2020.

The Landfill Gas portfolio provides the UK with ‘base load’ generation that is eligible for payments under the Renewable Obligation Certificate scheme. Landfill Gas is a natural byproduct from the decomposition of organic matter in landfill sites and is largely made up of methane. Methane has a large potential to cause global warming. Landfill Gas across the 25 sites is captured and converted into a less potent gas of mainly carbon dioxide in a process which produces energy for the grid. A majority of the sites are connected to the grid network at voltages of up to 11kV or what is commonly called ‘distributed generation’, making them eligible for additional valuable revenue streams.

With a majority of the sites closed to new waste, fuel resource depletes over time and the resulting spare grid capacity at the sites provides for the opportunity to retrofit solar and/or storage.

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