Flexitricity is the demand response pioneer—our innovations have shaped demand-side flexibility since 2004. We're on a mission to create a greener and fairer energy system where everyone benefits.

Here are some of the projects we're currently working on:

    • Quickturn: first realistic opportunity for smaller commercial energy users across Britain to benefit from demand side response.

    Some of our past projects and 'firsts':

    • First trade using the Balancing Mechanism Wider Access route to market
    • First to trade a demand response asset in the Balancing Mechanism
    • Footroom / Demand Turn-up - Britain’s first system for making use of excess wind power
    • First aggregated Enhanced Frequency Control Capability (EFCC) call
    • First aggregated Frequency Control by Demand Management (FCDM) call
    • First aggregated Short-term Operating Reserve (STOR) call
    • First post-fault dispatch for distribution networks
    • First open-market demand response portfolio in GB

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