Flexitricity and Axpo sign unique solar and storage co-optimisation agreement

Flexitricity and Axpo have begun commercial operations at a co-located solar and storage site in Scotland through a unique partnership. Axpo will provide the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offtake at the boundary meter and Flexitricity will optimise the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) through the industry’s first behind-the-meter Asset Meter System IDs (AMSIDs). A bespoke agreement between Flexitricity and Axpo will allow the battery to be traded in wholesale markets, as well as participate in the Balancing Mechanism and balancing services such as frequency response. The agreement facilitates accurate settlement between the boundary meter and AMSIDs, ensuring no value is lost between the solar offtake and the dynamic optimisation of the BESS. Flexitricity’s recent qualification as GB’s first Asset Meter Virtual Lead Party (AMVLP) facilitated the registration of the AMSIDs, while smart energy solutions business SMS also achieved an industry first by being the first to register AMSIDs as Meter Operator Agent (MOA).

Andy Lowe, CEO at Flexitricity, said “co-located solar and storage requires new and innovative approaches to fully optimise revenue and accurately settle metered volumes in line with the current regulatory framework. Our partnership with Axpo is a market-leading solution that utilises the strengths of both companies, combing a PPA that underpins value for the solar with a BESS route-to-market that is capable of dynamically optimising the whole site across the full revenue stack. I am delighted to achieve yet another industry first with this unique partnership, including the registration of the industry’s first AMSIDs after our recent qualification as GB’s first AMVLP.”

Rob Bullyment, Senior Originator at Axpo in the UK, said “This agreement allows the co-located asset to separate the PPA offtake from the optimisation provider allowing greater freedom for the asset to monetise different income streams. This unique arrangement with Flexitricity once again demonstrates Axpo’s willingness and ability to partner with third-parties to provide innovative solutions to clients’ needs.”

Helen Cloud, Head of Agent Services at SMS, said "As the UK’s first Meter Operator Agent to register AMSIDs, SMS is proud to be at the forefront of this latest industry milestone. Our collaboration with Flexitricity and Axpo underscores our commitment to pioneering innovative energy solutions that drive the low-carbon, smart energy revolution."

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