Flexitricity becomes first flexible energy aggregator approved under latest market access updates

Flexible energy pioneer, Flexitricity, is pleased to announce it is the first organisation to be approved under the newest regulations promoting wider access to the Balancing Mechanism (BM), becoming the first qualified Asset Meter Virtual Lead Party (AMVLP) in GB. Many industrial and commercial sites have individual flexible energy assets which can earn revenue when they are used by National Grid ESO to help balance supply and demand, however until now, varying consumption across the rest of the site has meant that the delivery from these flexible assets has been difficult to demonstrate. Asset metering and the AMVLP route address this, opening the door to wider participation and distinguishing energy flows on co-located solar and battery sites, which is considered crucial for maximising value.

Andy Lowe, CEO at Flexitricity, said, “I’m delighted with this news as it is another industry first and a major milestone for Flexitricity. As the first organisation to be qualified as an Asset Meter Virtual Party Lead, we can reduce the barriers to entry for smaller energy users, allowing more organisations to earn revenue from their flexible assets while helping National Grid to balance supply and demand across the system. Casting a wider net via individual asset metering allows more organisations to become part of Flextricity’s growing virtual power plant (VPP), which is GB’s largest of its type and has recently passed the 1GW milestone.”

Keith Gains, Managing Director at Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, added “increasing flexibility within the energy system is central to all decarbonisation efforts. This AMVLP milestone represents a critical point for Flexitricity, with more businesses now able to earn revenue from their flexible energy assets whilst helping to facilitate the net zero transition.”

For over 20 years, Flexitricity has pioneered flexible energy services, widening participation for a diverse portfolio of customers. To learn more, go to https://www.flexitricity.com/

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