Flexitricity partners with Anesco to dynamically optimise battery assets

Flexible energy specialist Flexitricity will provide market access for 19.5MW of Anesco’s battery storage portfolio. Renewables and energy storage developer Anesco is one of the largest battery developers in the UK and made history by installing the first utility scale battery storage unit in the UK.

Battery storage has a vital role to play in the global energy mix. It provides an answer to one of the biggest challenges faced by renewable generators – the intermittent nature of such technologies – offering a way to capture clean energy and balance energy generation against demand.

The partnership with Anesco will see Flexitricity optimising the Larport Farm battery from their 24/7 control room in Edinburgh. The battery will be delivering frequency response services to National Grid, and will also be traded in the day ahead and intraday energy markets, and directly with National Grid in the Balancing Mechanism.

Flexitricity brings market-leading expertise in frequency response, having been the first company to make aggregated flexibility available for frequency response in 2012. Now, through its Flexitricity+ service, launched last autumn, the energy specialist also brings the expertise and ability to optimise the flexibility of the asset in the energy markets and the Balancing Mechanism.

Flexitricity will manage the asset dynamically, keeping agile in their approach to ensure that the battery moves between different services and revenue streams, allowing Anesco to maximize revenue and return for investors.

Flexitricity has pioneered the demand response industry, generating over £20million for its Energy Partners since it started live operations in 2008. Flexitricity is the first supplier in the UK to provide full, active participation in the Balancing Mechanism for demand response assets.

The Edinburgh-headquartered business now has over 450 MW under management – a virtual power plant helping National Grid meet the energy demands of the UK.

Andy Lowe, Head of Business Development at Flexitricity, said: “We are very excited to be growing our share of the UK’s battery storage market through our partnership with Anesco.

“The transition towards a low-carbon economy is creating a huge opportunity for battery storage to help the National Grid meet the energy demands of the UK.

“With the competition in reserve and response services increasing rapidly, trading in the Balancing Mechanism is key in helping customers optimise the revenue from their energy assets.

“Flexitricity+ opens the door to this revenue stream and our 24/7 control room ensures we can monitor the energy markets and the site’s capabilities every second of the day.”

Steve Shine, Anesco’s Executive Chairman said: “We are delighted to be entering this partnership with Flexitricity. We are constantly looking for ways to optimise the revenue streams for our assets and we are looking forward to seeing positive results from this initiative”.


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Notes to Editors:

About Flexitricity

Flexitricity created and now operates the first, largest and most advanced demand-response portfolio in GB and has unsurpassed knowledge of the market and its requirements.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Flexitricity partners with businesses throughout Great Britain to provide reserve electricity to National Grid.  The word “Flexitricity” means “Flexible Electricity”. The company looks for flexibility in electricity consumption and generation, creating revenue for energy users and generators as well as reducing national CO2 emissions and helping to secure energy supplies.

Their team is fully engaged at industry and regulatory level and has a track record that demonstrates innovation and delivery success.

Flexitricity is part of the Alpiq Group, a leading Swiss electricity and energy service provider with a strong presence across Europe.

About Anesco

Anesco is a global leader in renewable energy and recognised as one of the top cleantech companies in the world. Its specialist team manages the funding, development, operation and maintenance of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

As the UK market leader in energy storage, Anesco commands the industry’s most accurate revenue modelling tool and its portfolio is on track to exceed 380MW by the end of 2020. The company has constructed over 100 solar farms, while its O&M service, AnescoMeter, is monitoring over 21,500 sites.

Anesco was the first in the UK to achieve subsidy-free solar; first to introduce utility-scale energy storage; and first to co-locate energy storage with existing solar sites. To date, the technologies the company has deployed and managed are generating over 1GW of renewable energy.

For further information - Nick Johnson, Communications Director, 07557 490001, nick.johnson@anesco.co.uk

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