Balancing Mechanism

The Balancing Mechanism (BM) is one of the most important tools National Grid uses to balance electricity supply and demand in real time.

When electricity generation and consumption are not in balance, National Grid uses the BM to purchase changes in generation and consumption to correct the mismatch.

Unlike balancing services such as STOR, the BM is an ad-hoc market, with no forward commitments, and highly dynamic prices. It’s operated 24/7/365, with thousands of trades issued each day. Click here to find out more about how the BM works.

The BM is a lucrative opportunity for a range of asset types, including:

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) generators from a range of applications, including heat networks and horticulture;
  • Batteries, both behind and front of the meter;
  • Peaking plant;
  • Flexible consumers in many sectors, including cold storage logistics, water treatments, manufacturing, data centres and the public sector;
  • Renewable resources, such as hydro, biogas, wind and solar;
  • Electric vehicle charge points; and
  • A range of electric domestic heating appliances, including storage heating and heat pumps.

What we do:

  • Flexitricity can manage the full Balancing Mechanism participation process for you—starting with Balancing Mechanism Unit (BMU) registration all the way through to delivery and settlement.
  • We offer BM participation with or without a Flexitricity supply contract (read more about BM Wider Access).
  • We are continuously refining our algorithms and our optimisation strategies. This, combined with our industry experience and market knowledge, means we are ideally positioned to optimise flexibility and maximise returns for our customers.
  • Flexitricity ensures revenue agility by offering access to the full range of energy market opportunities, stacking revenues with the BM where possible.
  • We provide continuous remote monitoring and a direct line to our manned control room, 24/7.

Our Balancing Mechanism credentials:

  • Flexitricity was the first aggregator to take a behind-the-meter asset into the BM.
  • Flexitricity completed the first ever Balancing Mechanism transaction as a Virtual Lead Party through the Balancing Mechanism Wider Access route to market.
  • We have made it our mission to help shape this market in a way that benefits our customers — proposing code modifications to improve BM Wider Access implementation.

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