Short-term operating reserve (STOR)

Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is one of National Grid's most important source of reserve energy. Sites are paid for being ready to respond to a STOR event (availability) and for delivered energy (utilisation).

Participating assets are deployed via Flexitricity’s control room to either increase generation or reduce demand, when National Grid needs reserve energy to help them respond to any unexpected mismatch in supply and demand.

STOR is suitable for a wide variety of assets, and Flexitricity has the portfolio needed to choose the best commercial approach for each.

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) engines and heat pumps;
  • Standby generators (abated if required under the MCPD regulations); and
  • Flexible load (lighting, industrial processes, HVAC, refrigeration, etc.).

Sites are paid for delivered energy (utilisation), and depending on the contract type, may also be paid for being ready to respond to a STOR event (availability) within service windows.

Note: fast-responding assets like batteries can participate in STOR; however, they can earn more revenue from providing frequency response, or trading in the wholesale markets and the Balancing Mechanism.

What we do:

  • We handle National Grid’s STOR procurement processes.
  • National Grid procures STOR through a day ahead auction process. Payment for availability is pay-as-clear, depending on the outcome of the auction clearing price. Utilisation payments are pay-as-bid to better reflect your costs of delivering the service.
  • Our large portfolio enables optimal aggregation of customer assets to achieve the best price combination.
  • Flexitricity ensures revenue agility by offering access to the full range of energy market opportunities.
  • We provide continuous remote monitoring and a direct line to our manned control room, 24 hours/day.

Our STOR credentials:

  • Flexitricity is the most experienced STOR aggregator in Britain.
  • Our unmatched experience in this market has enabled us to maximise STOR revenue for the sites in our portfolio for 12+ years.
  • Flexitricity has been successful in every tender round since STOR was launched.

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