Business energy users
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Demand side response helps to create a greener and fairer energy system where revenue goes into the hands of UK businesses, not just the large energy suppliers.

Being smart with your energy usage enables you to significantly mitigate your energy cost—one of the biggest overheads for many businesses—and gain a competitive advantage.

We work with flexible energy consumers across many different sectors, including cold storage, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, data centres and offices.

The opportunity:

  • Industrial and commercial energy users have the opportunity to earn revenue through Flexitricity by occasionally altering their consumption pattern in response to National Grid’s requirements for balancing the system. This is always done without disrupting normal business operations.
  • Requirement for flexibility is growing and the market is set to triple by 2030—to £2.4 billion in revenue to flexibility providers.
  • A chance to play a role in decarbonising our energy system and the UK’s transition to net zero – and meet your company’s environmental ambitions.
  • Flexible business energy users play a major role in decarbonising our energy system and in the UK’s transition to net zero—while progressing their own environmental ambitions.
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Business Energy Users

Some of the flexible energy-consuming asset types we work with:

  • Growlights
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial processes

Energy storage assets:

  • EV charge points
  • Battery storage


Large energy users have been able to earn revenue from demand side response since Flexitricity commenced live operations in 2008.

Now, smaller energy users are also able to benefit. This includes sites that are part of larger estates, such as supermarkets, as well as individual businesses.

“While we are a large company, our individual sites are relatively small, so Flexitricity’s Quickturn model provides an innovative and collaborative way for us to manage our consumption better, reduce our carbon footprint and provide a benefit back to the National Grid. It really is a no-brainer for us.” - Phil Smith, Head of Energy, ASDA.

Key revenue sources:

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