Flexitricity helps utility companies access the full range of energy market opportunities.

Water and waste management companies are some of the largest consumers of energy in the UK. Earning revenue through demand side response presents an attractive opportunity to turn that overhead into a lucrative revenue stream.

The opportunity:

  • Utility companies own and operate a range of different types of assets that are inherently flexible, including on-site generation from wind, solar, gas, biogas and diesel, anaerobic digestion, battery storage, and variable loads such as pumping and treatment processes.
  • Requirement for flexibility is growing and the market is set to triple by 2030—to £2.4 billion in revenue to flexibility providers.
  • In addition to delivering a revenue stream, demand side response also helps to improve site resilience (for certain asset types) and delivers significant environmental benefits.
  • Flexitricity is the industry leader in monetising flexibility. We have honed our processes, technology and expertise over years of working with utility customers such as Veolia, Severn Trent Water, Scottish Water Horizons and South East Water.
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  • We identify the flexibility your assets have outside of core site requirement and make that flexibility available to National Grid at the right time and the right price, maximising revenue for the site.
  • Each asset (or a group of assets) is recommended an optimal operational strategy and revenue stack, with full consideration given to unique site requirements and constraints. We can find opportunities for all types and sizes of assets.
  • Contact our expert team today to find out how much you could be earning.

Key revenue sources:

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