Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council earns additional revenue and improves site resilience

Energy Partner:Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Asset Type:Standby diesel generators
Participation:STOR, Capacity Market and triad management
Revenue:Over £30k per annum

“Flexitricity have helped Rotherham MBC to take advantage of demand side response opportunities using their smart grid system to bring new revenue to the council and reduce carbon emissions."

Steven Cope, Environmental Manager, RMBC

Rotherham is one of four metropolitan districts which make up South Yorkshire and provides services to a population of more than 250,000 residents.

Rotherham MBC's head office has standby diesel generation assets designed to provide resilience in the event of mains electricity failure. By connecting these assets to Flexitricity's demand-response portfolio, Rotherham MBC earns additional revenue and improves security of supply.

New revenue from existing assets

By making its standby generator available to Flexitricity when not required for local generation, Rotherham MBC provides 800kW of capacity to help support National Grid during winter peaks or other periods of stress in the national electricity system.

Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is one of National Grid’s most important tools for securing the national electricity system in real time.  Fast-acting generators are held in readiness so that Flexitricity can start them when National Grid runs short of electricity.  This can happen if a power station fails, or if demand is unexpectedly high.

Flexitricity delivers reserve energy to National Grid using a fully-automated control and monitoring system.  The generators at Rotherham MBC are operated remotely in response to national or regional needs, while ensuring that the council's core requirement for standby power is always met.  This fully-managed service optimises revenue using a tailored control approach and intelligent arbitraging between services.

Flexitricity pays Rotherham MBC for making its capacity available during agreed periods.  Further payments are made for power delivery during demand-response events.

Triad management at Rotherham MBC is complementary to its STOR participation.  During the November to February triad season, Flexitricity remotely starts generation during likely triad periods.  This lowers site consumption and reduces the triad charges on the site’s electricity bills.

Rotherham MBC are now also participating in the Capacity Market through Flexitricity.

Next steps

Rotherham MBC are currently investigating the feasibility of connecting an additional 400kW of generation to Flexitricity’s demand-response platform for participation in STOR and triad management.

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