Load management helps Norish Cold Storage reduce GB carbon emissions and generate revenue

Energy Partner:Norish Cold Storage
Locations:Brierley Hill, Wrexham, Braintree, Gillingham
Asset Type:Load reduction
Participation:STOR, Quickturn, Capacity Market

£19,000 annual average since 2008


“Working with Flexitricity has had a huge impact on our business and has enabled us to drive savings and revenue from an area that has always represented a significant overhead for us. The partnership has not only given us more control and business intelligence, but we are also able to support National Grid as we move towards a low carbon economy.“

Stuart Lloyd, Chief Engineer, Norish Cold Storage

Norish was established in Ireland in 1975 and provides cold storage facilities to partners throughout the UK. It has 60,000 pallet storage spaces across the country and consumes an average of 21GW of electricity per year.

Flexitricity services

At times of high national electricity demand, or if a major power station fails, Flexitricity turns down Norish’s cooling plant for short periods to reduce the stress on the electricity network.

Critical temperatures are monitored to ensure the integrity of the stored product. This allows Norish to earn extra revenue without disrupting its normal business operations. 

Norish engineers monitor the plant at all times but the whole STOR process is automated and managed by Flexitricity.

Customer benefits

Energy is the second biggest overhead for the company, and its operating costs have more than doubled over the last ten years. The partnership with Flexitricity has transformed efficiency across the plants and enabled Norish to reduce energy costs, drive sustainable revenue and re-invest to improve operations.

Reducing CO2 emissions

There has also been a significant environmental impact. Every megawatt of capacity connected to Flexitricity is a megawatt that does not have to be held in reserve elsewhere - reducing emissions by between 300 to 750 tonnes of CO2 per megawatt per annum. 

In addition, the flexibility provided by Norish is vital in helping National Grid manage the increased renewable generation in the system.

Next steps:

Norish is exploring new on-site generation and storage opportunities to respond to the growing demand for flexible energy. They are also interested in Balancing Mechanism participation.

All performance claims made within this testimonial, both technical and financial, were true at time of writing. Claims relating to past performance of certain asset classes do not represent a guarantee of future results for assets in the same class or other asset types

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