Thameswey provides 6MW of generating capacity to help support National Grid

Energy Partner:Thameswey
Location:Milton Keynes
Asset Type:Combined heat and power
Participation:STOR and Capacity Market
Revenue:Over £128,000 annual average since 2011

“The entire process has been flawless from start to finish, with no interference on our core business activities. It provides a valuable source of revenue, and has enabled Thameswey to play its part in contributing greener reserve power supplies to the Grid.”

Sean Rendall, Chief Operating Officer, Thameswey Energy

Thameswey Central Milton Keynes (TCMK) was set up in 2005 to build and operate a low carbon combined heat and power (CHP) energy station.

Thameswey supplies nearly 20,000 MWh of low carbon electricity per year to local homes and businesses.

Flexitricity services

Thameswey has been reliably providing reserve energy to National Grid through Flexitricity since 2011. Along with providing Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR) and Capacity Market, Thameswey has played a key role in supporting Western Power Distribution (WPD) with Project FALCON.

Using two gas CHP engines which can be made available to Flexitricity when not required for local generation, Thameswey is able to provide 6MW of generating capacity to help support National Grid during times of system stress and to support the transmission system during winter peaks. 

  • STOR: Reserve energy is delivered to National Grid through a fully automated solution. The two gas CHP units, each capable of providing 3MW of capacity are remotely operated in response to a national or local requirement.
  • Capacity Market: UK Government’s flagship policy for security of electricity supply. In the CM, industrial and commercial energy users, and generator owners like Thamswey, can receive payments in return for offering to help the electricity system during times of stress – either by generating electricity, or reducing consumption when needed. All non-renewable sites are permitted to participate in the CM in addition to energy trading and/or ancillary services.

Project FALCON

Through Flexitricity, Thameswey has been able to participate in WPD's project FALCON (flexible approaches for low carbon optimised networks), an initiative to support the UK's move to a low carbon economy. 

The aim of this project being to test innovative, low carbon solutions for the growing problem of network contraints. As an experienced DSR provider, Thameswey generated electricity when called upon by Western Power Distribution. By doing so, Western Power Distribution were able to defer network infrastructure upgrades and reduce costs while Thameswey earned revenue. 

Next steps

The major challenge is decarbonising the heat network, with energy storage and heat pumps being considered. Monetising the flexibility of these new assets in the likes of the Balancing Mechanism is a future opportunity for the site.

All performance claims made within this testimonial, both technical and financial, were true at time of writing. Claims relating to past performance of certain asset classes do not represent a guarantee of future results for assets in the same class or other asset types

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