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The most lucrative sources of flexibility change from time to time between capacity, balancing services, wholesale market trading and the Balancing Mechanism. However, the growth in renewable generation and the decline in fossil fuels mean that the value of flexibility is growing.

The challenge is to make the most of the opportunities for the site concerned. That’s not easy—flexibility is complexity. For those new to the world of demand response, that can be intimidating. To navigate these complex waters, you need the right kind of expertise, knowledge and experience. That is what Flexitricity provides— clarity amidst complexity, and an assurance of delivery backed by our unbeatable track record in the industry.

Each customer site is recommended a bespoke package of services in order to optimise value from their available assets. In many cases that means integrating energy trading with participation in balancing and capacity services.

For certain types of assets, during certain periods, it might make more sense to commit to delivering, for example, frequency response. At other times it might make more sense to trade your flexibility into the BM. Flexitricity monitors the markets and your sites continuously from our 24/7 control room to pinpoint the best opportunities at the time. Should the revenue opportunities shift, we’re ready to shift with them.


Your account manager will discuss your site’s needs and capabilities with you, determining the possible options available to you in the energy market. This will result in early choices between trading opportunities and participation in balancing services such as STOR, frequency response and triad management. (Participation in some balancing services will restrict trading availability.)

At this point, you can decide if our supply contract is the right fit for you - Flexitricity can monetise flexibility with or without an energy supply contract.


​You can fix your base energy costs and revenues at longer timescales that suit your business. If you are a supply customer, we can do this for you, or you can manage it yourself through our custom market access platform.

We understand that each business is different—one company might wish to commit a large portion of its energy consumption and generation a season or even a year ahead, whereas another might want to leave most of their decisions to the day-ahead stage.

In parallel, Flexitricity will tender for balancing services where these are appropriate, and will also enter all qualifying capacity into the Capacity Market.


Flexitricity will continuously and automatically evaluate the remaining availability you have for short-notice and real-time variations in your site’s consumption or generation. Flexitricity will trade that flexibility in intraday markets and in the Balancing Mechanism.


​Flexitricity will use its 24-hour staffed control room and automated systems to ensure on-time delivery. We will provide a single financial statement covering energy costs and revenues, balancing services revenue, Capacity Market revenue, embedded benefits and non-energy costs.

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