Business born at a kitchen table moves to capital location

Flexitricity expands in move to prime Edinburgh office. 

A pioneering company whose disruptive idea was conceived and developed at a kitchen table has expanded into a new office in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.

Founded in 2004 by Dr Alastair Martin, Flexitricity changed the way National Grid thinks about power distribution by introducing its demand response model into the marketplace.

Since then, it has gone on to become an integral part of the UK’s energy network, balancing supply and demand across its network of energy partners, including manufacturers, offices, data centres and cold stores.

Announcing the move into a new custom-fitted office, complete with a new, state-of-the-art control room, Ron Ramage, CEO of Flexitricity said: “This will be our fourth office move since Alastair took the plunge from his kitchen table to our first office in Edinburgh’s west end.

“The secret to our success is listening. We spend a lot of time learning how our industrial and commercial partners use energy, and what makes their businesses work. Our growth is testament to our dedicated and professional team, who possess unsurpassed knowledge and experience to provide our growing client base with an unrivalled service.”

With clients across the UK, Flexitricity works with National Grid to provide extra reserve to the network during times of peak demand. It does this using a fully automated system connected to partners’ electricity assets, turning down power-hungry devices like compressors or chillers, or turning on generation like combined heat and power units or emergency generators.

Mr Ramage said: “It’s a proud moment to see the company move into this fantastic office.

“Although we are seeing some challenges within the demand response industry, there is also significant opportunity. Flexitricity has remained resilient, forward-thinking and fully focussed on doing what we do best, innovating and delivering.

“As a result, we are now effectively positioned for a further period of growth and expansion.”


Issued by Weber Shandwick on behalf of Flexitricity.

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About Flexitricity

Flexitricity partners with businesses throughout the UK to provide reserve electricity to National Grid.

The word “Flexitricity” means “Flexible Electricity”. The company looks for flexibility in electricity consumption and generation, creating revenue for energy users and generators using the flexibility they find.

Flexitricity was founded in 2004 by Dr Alastair Martin, a professional energy engineer with experience ranging from gigawatt-scale coal and nuclear power stations.

Based in Edinburgh, the company introduced the concept of aggregated load management and flexible generation. 

National Grid’s estimate of savings to consumers can be found at:

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